Our relationship with our Dutch manufacture goes back to their early days when Rick and his then, small team would invite you to pick up your trailer and partake in coffee and a chat with the team. Back in those days we were doing a small amount of sales in the UK and had a small stock of trailers.

July 2020 everything changed. We came out of the first lock down in the UK and demand for light weight trailers went through the roof. Within days we had sold out of trailers completely and started taking deposits for future delivers such was the demand. Rick and his team experienced a similar surge in demand across ‘Continental Europe’ necessitating the need to regulate supply. Working with Rick and his team, especially Rob we have been able to re visit our ordering schedule and now have a regular production slot. Over the next few months we will be importing to the UK more trailers than ever. Delivery times will reduce and our UK stock will grow.

There will never be a better time to order your next trailer from us.

Why Choose a HMD manufactured Trailer

Our manufactured trailers are sturdy and reliable using the most up-to-date robotic systems.

Tiny House Trailers We are the largest distributor of Tiny House trailers.

Boat Trailers our boat trailers are the best in the market take a look.

Machine & Plant trailers Choose one of our high quality light machine trailers and you will never regret the investment. Come and take a look at our range in stock.

Lean Manufacture we have produced a small assortment of models in large quantities and have the ability to flex each model in size or customer preference. This approach has led to a smarter and leaner operation with greater benefits passed on to our customer base.

Quality The high standard of production quality means that a standard 5 year warranty on the fully welded, hot dipped galvanised chassis is in place.

Tiny House Trailers

Classic or Plateau

Vlemmix manufacture a bespoke quality Tiny House range of trailers for the ever growing Tiny House movement. If you want a great foundation for your new Tiny House Vlemmix is leading the charge for this ever growing market.

Boat & Rib Trailers

HMDtrailers boat-trailer are light weight.

Welding The chassis are fully welded and galvanised inside and outside.

Knott axles with waterproof bearings which can be adjusted to accommodate the loading of the boat.

Boat rollers are polyurethane, adjustable, ensuring no damage to the boat.

Folding nose heavy duty can be folded away to facilitate storage.

Winch holder is fully adjustable.

Waterproofed lights situated on retractable cross member ensure smooth unloading and loading.

Chassis incorporate bowed cross members to reduce the ground clearance; allowing for the boat to lie as low as possible on the trailer.

Machine Trailers & Transporters

Tough light weight, strong high quality transporter trailer.

We have a range of trailers to suit your needs ranging from the 1, 2 and 3 axle.

Payload capacities from 1970kg to in impressive 2840kg. The working platform length range from 3 metres to 4 metres.

Machine Trailers

Certificate of compliance (C.O.C.)

Type approval All our trailers come with full UK road approval.

Certificate of Compliance certificate of compliance (C.O.C.), issued by the manufacturer. Compliant across Europe.

Declaration of data and information about the vehicle. This certificate is valid in the UK and is also a requirement to register to take your trailer into continental Europe.

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