Tiny House Trailers UK

Tiny House Trailers UK

Tiny House have gained popularity across the US, Europe, and Australia. Each territory has its own nuance, and the UK is no different. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all have an abundance of bendy-windy roads to navigate.


As well as an extensive list of rules and regulations when it comes to towing trailers and mobile structures. While the internet is awash with information on Tiny Houses in various forms, it’s necessary to think about the specifics that relate to UK Tiny Houses and UK Tiny House Trailers.

Choosing a Tiny House Trailer for the UK

Which tiny house trailer is right for your dream tiny house on wheels? It can be quite daunting to choose your trailer if you’re not sure where to start. The first question is, do you want to be able to tow your tiny house on the road?  If so, then how big do you want your tiny house to be, and are your expectations realistic? If you’re looking to tow your tiny house with a car, and you haven’t taken any additional tests to put other types of vehicles on your licence, then the advice below is for you.

Tiny House On Wheels: Advice For The UK

There are various UK rules for Tiny Houses on Wheels, and these range from the tiny house weight. To the tiny house dimensions. To the vehicle you use to tow your tiny house. Websites, social media, and blogs may all give advice on how to build a tiny house. But it’s important that either you or they refer back to official sources, such as the UK Government’s website, and obtain the most up-to-date rules. The UK Government gives advice on how to tow with car. Other organisations, such as the National Trailer & Towing Association gives towing advice advice and recommends trailer training centres. For “what type of car do I need to tow a tiny house on wheels”, then Parkers provides some good advice. NaviHo provides various resources when it comes to how to build a tiny home on wheels in the UK.

Tiny House Trailers: Towing Weight Limitations

There are many different types of trailers, but there are only a select handful that are specially designed for building tiny houses on. If you’re never going to tow your tiny home on the road then you have a wider selection of trailer to choose from. Be careful though, as many of the cheaper trailer options are not road-legal. And are likely to suffer from corrosion after 10 years – particularly if you build on a trailer designed for park homes. The maximum weight that you can tow on a regular UK driving licence is 3.5 Tonnes (3,500kg). This weight includes the weight of the trailer itself. As well as your tiny home, and everything inside it. If you are towing any load behind you, the police can escort you to a weigh-station to weigh your tiny home. It is therefore really important if you want to build your dream tiny home to select a trailer that has a very high strength to weight ratio. This means that your trailer will weigh less, while still being able to carry the total allowable weight. Giving you more freedom to design the tiny house you want. This is achieved through careful material selection and advances in construction techniques. Your trailer forms the foundation of your tiny home. It’s important to have a high quality foundation. Typically, a higher quality trailer will cost a bit more. But it will save you from all sorts of issues in the future – so it’s important to get these things right the first time.

Tiny House Trailers: Dimensions & Size Limitations

In order to tow a trailer on public roads without the need for an escort, the maximum width (including mudguards) must not exceed 2.55 metres. When building a tiny house on a trailer, it is important that the building’s width doesn’t exceed this dimension when under tow. Any features that might exceed this constraint will need to be detached or folded in some way that ensures the width requirement is met. The maximum length for a trailer towed by a vehicle weighing up to 3,500kg is 7 metres. This length does not include the A-frame, and so the actual length of the trailer can be longer.

How do I Tow a Tiny House on wheels in the UK?

As long as your tiny house fits within the above dimension and weight requirements you are permitted to tow using an appropriate towing vehicle. You should be mindful of the height to which you’ve built your tiny house, and plan your route to avoid any low bridges or overpasses that will cause an issue. If you’ve built your tiny house on wheels, but are not confident to tow it yourself. Or it exceeds the weight and size limitations, then you can have your building transported by a specialist haulier. A low-loader trailer will be used to transport your overweight (or oversized) tiny home on wheels. It may then need an escort vehicle, and a crane to load and unload. HM-D Tiny House Trailers can carry far more weight than they have been rated for, and so you may still be able to tow your building onto and off the low-loader using a 4×4 or other suitable vehicle.
Tiny House Trailer UK

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