Using the safety strap Brakeaway cable

HM-D Trailers would like to discuss the immense importance of the safety-strap breakaway cable. Most people seem to ignore it . We would also like to discuss with you the correct way to set it up, ready for transport. Which should be checked before every departure using your trailer, by the driver responsible for the trailer at hand.

A breakaway cable is the final safety precaution to stop your trailer from detaching. And becoming an extremely dangerous hazard whilst travelling and it comes standard with all HM-D Trailer products.

The cable is fitted to the toe ball of the trailer or sometimes a specific hole next to the toe ball. Which is designed for the cable. (Always remember to double-check the correct location to attach your cable to with your toe bar manufacturer.)

If your trailer detaches from your vehicle. The cable acts as an activation method for your trailer’s brakes. Once the safety strap breakaway cable pin is pulled out, the trailer should slow down and eventually come to a complete stop.

This extremely integral cable helps prevent the trailer from crashing through your tow vehicle. Potentially, causing a hazard to yourself and other drivers.

To learn even more about the safety strap breakaway cable, head on over to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide!

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