Reviewing the maypole trailer universal hitch lock 120mm

The Maypole Trailer Universal hitch lock. Having your trailer safe and secure can be as important when not in use as it is when in use!

Neil from HM-D Trailers will explain to you why you should always do your research on trailer equipment.

This Maypole Trailer Universal Hitch Lock 120mm is a clear example of this.

With just a few taps to the lock with an easily accessible tool, such as a small claw hammer, there goes your lock!

Obviously, this is not what any trailer owner wants as it means theft is very easy!

So, the moral of this story is, to do your research!

Make sure to always test your trailer locks, making sure they are durable and can keep your trailer safe and secure when not in use.

To learn even more about the Maypole trailer universal hitch lock 120mm, head on over to our YouTube Channel for an in depth video review!