Anti-tipping frame for plant trailers

HM-D Trailers offer a wide variety of plant trailers with Anti-tipping. Ranging from trailers that are available with a platform area of 3m long by 1.5m wide to 4m long by either 1.5m or 1.8m wide! 

Our plant trailers even the larger ones such as our four-metre trailer are very similar to most trailers. Being robust, resilient and reliable.

HM-D plant trailers come with the towing hitch; electrics, 13-pin socket, push in and twist.  They have this amazing jockey wheel with a retracting wheel, that you have got to remember to tighten with the handle before travelling.  As well as having a spare wheel which fixes in front of the jockey wheel.  There is also an eye bolt.  Doubles dipped galvanized, Built, solid. The plant trailers come with some amazing axles on them manufactured by Knott!

The purpose of our ant-tipping frame for plant trailers is what it says on the tin. To stop your trailer from tipping.

Most trailers come with funny little legs that you drop down, which are not very user-friendly and have been known to break.

The design which HM-D Trailers use is different.

Once you drop the trailer, the trailer gate drops down. From here when we put a load across the back of this ramp, what will happen is the frame at the bottom will touch the ground. Doing so will prevent the trailer from tipping up.

This is a far better and more safe design, which is especially important for plant machinery as they are known to be extremely heavy and also expensive, so our trailer stake care of your equipment so you know it’s safe at hand!

To learn even more about the anti-tipping frame, head on over to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide!