The heavy duty support legs

The heavy duty support legs (not to be confused with jacks). Come with your HM-D Trailers Tiny House Trailer and are the perfect accessory to give the structure being constructed on your trailer a stronger foundation. So that when you’ve got your building on the tiny house trailer.¬†These legs give it some extra rigidity to the building.

They are extremely easy to fit. They just bolt to an existing bracket on the trailer and can be stowed forward or to the rear.

However, the way you deploy them is the easiest part. All you do is just pull the pin and it drops ready to support. Then you use a power drill with a 70mm attachment to extend the leg down.

The Heavy duty legs are ready to support your tiny house trailer every single time!

To learn even more about the heavy duty support legs, head on over to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide!