Connecting and checking your trailer lights

In this video, Neil will show you how to connect and check your

Having functional trailer lights that are in full working order is not just something of which HM-D Trailers are very passionate about discussing but it is also a requirement on all trailers being transported on public roads and should be checked by the responsible driver before the start of every journey.

Trailer lights are essential and all trailers come with them as standard as it is the law. The trailer must have two red side lights, two red triangular reflectors, two red stop lights, and an illuminated number plate along with amber indicators designed to flash between 60-120 times per minute.

One of the good things about these lights as we like to let our clients know is that when you’re towing in the dark, you can always see where your trailer is, due to the front-facing white lights which is always an advantage, especially with such a large trailer such as our tiny house trailers. These lights also help make the likely hood of a hazard or of a crash being caused lower since you can much more easily see the width of the trailer being towed.

To learn even more about connecting and checking your trailer lights, head on over to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide!