Consider your platform size for your initial build!

So, you’ve taken the plunge and you are about to start your journey into the expansive universe which is building on a tiny house trailer which includes knowing Platform sizes.

You are probably asking the question, where do I start?

Well, at HM-D Trailers we are here to help with that question and give you a good starting point, which you can always contact us about if you want a greater evaluation on the topic!

Platform size helpful tips

A helpful tip to remember when deciding which trailer to use as your canvas is that whether it’s the 540, the 600, the 660, 720 or 840 TH Trailer. All of them are 60 centimetres between the main struts on all of the struts which makes building a great deal easier.

The next part you need to consider with these trailers is there are a variety of building technique. Different builders and DIYers use different techniques so you need to find the technique that’s right for you. Every technique is slightly different!

Just to give you a flavour into the different techniques, let’s look at the gaps in the trailer. Some builders like to fill these gaps with insulation. Some people use insulation boards. And some people put on an under-trailer guard. It’s entirely up to you!

There are also different ways of attaching the board to the chassis. You can use screws that are self-drilling, such as U bolts from Screwfix.

Don’t forget!

You are building a tiny house on a trailer so the idea is you want to be able to go on the road with this. So, keep the weight as light as possible for the Platform size and of course under three and a half tonne.

Consider how often you are going to go mobile.

If it’s not very often you can get away with a larger trailer. However, if it’s more often you are going to want to stay on the smaller level and try and keep items minimal and compact. Of course, this can be challenging for some peoples living preferences. (You can always give us a call if you are struggling with this decision.)

To learn even more about all the considerations you need to take into account when building your tiny home, head on over to our YouTube Channel!