Visiting The World Park & Leisure Homes Show

What have we been up to?

HM-D Trailers recently took a trip to The World Park & Leisure Homes Show in Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LG.

The event took place over the weekend of June 9-11, from 10 am to 4 pm. HM-D Trailers managed to get a spot at the event for the Sunday, where we were able to show off our trailers and have fantastic interactions with as many exhibitors as possible!

What is The World of Park & Leisure Homes Show?

The World of Park and Leisure Homes Show is an event that caters to various individuals interested in the park home and leisure lifestyle. Whether you are looking for design inspiration, considering upgrading or refurbishing your current home, planning to move into this lifestyle, or simply wanting to benefit from it, this show has something for everyone. It covers both leisure and residential aspects, providing a comprehensive experience.

The show offers a wealth of information for those curious about the park home lifestyle. Attendees can learn everything they need to know about park homes, parks themselves, and even decking options. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and seek practical advice from independent experts, such as insurance providers, financing institutions, part exchange services, and estate agents.

For those seeking luxury leisure homes, the show presents various options, whether you prefer a beautiful resort setting or a secluded location of your choice. Additionally, visitors can explore ways to enhance their lifestyle by adding luxurious features like hot tubs and outdoor furniture.

With a wide range of exhibits and activities, the show offers plenty to see and experience, making it likely for attendees to return for multiple visits. It serves as a valuable platform to compare different offerings and truly understand the market for park and leisure homes.

Why did we go?

We believed this was a great opportunity for people to get up close to a tiny house trailer and uncover the extensive world of trailers… and we were right!

What trailer did we exhibit?

For the event, we brought one of our most popular tiny house trailers! The TH Q: 600 Plateau.

What a fantastic event!

We loved every second of the event, from getting to meet and connect with anyone and everyone that came over to check out the trailer. All the way to wandering around the show and taking inspiration from fellow businesses exhibiting.

We will most certainly be returning to this event in the future as it was amazing!