Our New Partner: Chris Gill Machinery

Introducing Chris Gill machinery: A new partner in excellence for HM-D Trailers!

At HM-D Trailers, our commitment to providing top-quality trailers and exceptional customer service has always been at the forefront of our business. We take great pride in collaborating with partners who share our values and dedication.

So, it is with immense pleasure that we welcome aboard our latest partner, Chris Gill Machinery, a dynamic husband and wife team based in the picturesque Beckwithshaw near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

A Family Run Venture

Chris Gill Machinery isn’t just a business; it’s a family endeavour fueled by passion, expertise, and a commitment to delivering excellence. The driving force behind this venture is the dynamic duo, of Chris and Beci Gill. Nestled in the charming locale of Beckwithshaw near Harrogate, their workshop stands as a testament to their dedication to the machinery industry.

Unparalleled Expertise

Chris Gill brings over two decades of experience to the table as a highly qualified agricultural engineer and mechanic. With a track record that spans more than 20 years, Chris’s wealth of knowledge is a valuable asset to anyone seeking assistance with tools and machinery. From lawnmowers to cars, tractors to combines, diggers to horse walkers, there seems to be no mechanical challenge too great for Chris to tackle. This is why he is now taking on the service of providing HM-D Trailers to the people of North Yorkshire!

A Wide Array of Services

One of the standout features of Chris Gill Machinery is its comprehensive service offering. Their expertise isn’t confined to a specific niche – they cover an extensive range of machinery and equipment. Whether you’re a homeowner with a lawnmower in need of attention or a farmer with a fleet of tractors requiring servicing, Chris Gill Machinery has you covered.

Onsite Excellence

Understanding the significance of convenience, Chris Gill Machinery extends its services beyond the confines of its workshop. With a commitment to serving the entire North of England, their team is equipped to provide onsite assistance. This dedication to meeting clients where they are showcases their customer-centric approach and emphasizes their commitment to going the extra mile.

A Strong Partnership

The partnership between Chris Gill Machinery and HM-D Trailers marks the convergence of two like-minded entities. Just as HM-D Trailers has consistently stood for quality and reliability in the world of trailers, Chris Gill Machinery has upheld the same principles in its domain. This partnership isn’t just about business; it’s about a shared commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and fostering customer satisfaction for trailers.

In conclusion, the addition of Chris Gill Machinery to our trailer network of partners is an exciting development that aligns perfectly with our values at HM-D Trailers. Their family-oriented approach, combined with their unmatched expertise and comprehensive service, makes them an ideal collaborator. We’re thrilled to embark on this trailer journey together and look forward to the positive impact it will undoubtedly have on our valued customers when seeking out a trailer to buy or hire.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a farmer, or anyone in need of a trailer, Chris Gill Machinery is poised to be your trusted companion. Together, we’re raising the bar for excellence in the trailer industry. Welcome, Chris and Beci – Here’s to a fruitful partnership and a shared commitment to excellence!

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