Benefits & Policies

Customer Benefits


Existing HM-D Trailer customers receive £25 per new trailer customer referral. A referred trailer customer will receive £25 cash-back on their first trailer.* Register within 90 days of purchase at:

Multiple Orders

Customers placing an order for multiple trailers within a single order receive £50 cash-back on all subsequent trailers after the first trailer.* Register within 90 days of purchase at:


Sell your old HM-D Trailer back in exchange for cash. After assessing the condition of your HM-D Trailer we will offer existing customers a fair price to buy-back their HM-D Trailer.* Contact us to discuss.

Returns & Exchange


HM-D Trailer chassis are currently protected by a complimentary 5 year warranty. Warranty extensions are also available.* Customers must register their product upon purchase at:


HM-D Trailers accepts returns within 7 days, and in accordance with UK Law. An inspection will be made to ascertain that the trailer has been returned in the same condition it was sold.*


HM-D Trailers accepts part-exchange of trailers and accessories made by other manufacturers, at a value dependant on make, model, and current condition.*

Pricing & VAT

HM-D sets a recommended retail price (RRP) which is subject to change each quarter. The prices currently listed on this website are valid for in-stock items between 1st January 2022 and 31st March 2022. Authorised Retailers may adjust their prices above or below the RRP. Orders for out-of-stock items must be placed with a 50% deposit, well in advance, and may be sold subject to a higher-than-listed RRP. Upfront payment is required for all in-stock items. VAT (20%) is charged on all UK orders.


Trailers can be collected from our depot in Semley Dorset UK, or can be delivered anywhere in the UK or Europe. Our UK delivery fees are calculated from our depot at £1.50 per mile + £20 flat fee + VAT. A discount is applied per mile on longer journeys. Customers purchasing through a retailer may encounter a different delivery quote or collection arrangement, as set out by the retailer.