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While I’m busy drinking coffee and talking to our great customers and making new friends, Leo, the other Boss, has been hard at work forging new relationships with businesses ‘that want to make a positive difference’. Whether it’s developing land; finding appropriate insurance, raising loans or purchasing new equipment. If you need any advice ‘You’d better call Leo!’

If you want to be part of our network, do get in touch with Leo at or

Our network goes way beyond trailers; we invest in the success of fellow entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. NaviHo was founded to facilitate the purchase of environmentally-friendly homes by first-time buyers purchasing property in a seemingly impenetrable market. The scope of what we are able to offer has since grown as we continue to focus on the wider environmental issues. We are also able to support business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavours. NaviHo brings together a community of like-minded people, looking to live life and thrive in an environmentally conscious way. HM-D invests in sustainable businesses, and partners with companies aiming to benefit people and the environment.  We deliver high quality products and services that make a difference. We choose Eco Pavilions as our preferred designer and builders for a number of reasons. They can craft beautiful homes, studios and retreats; embracing a light footprint lifestyle, green, friendly, low carbon sustainable architecture. If you are interested in living and working in beautiful spaces book a consultation.

Wessex wilding Andrew Scott George is a habitat creation specialist and fine artist – see #andrewscottgeorge. Areas are rewilded in a targeted way – often focusing on butterfly populations, while encouraging other wildlife.  Land is transformed in a relatively short time-scale into rich, bio diverse habitat. Land art sits perfectly in these wild spaces.


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