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Doing the sway

Hey! There is only one place to sway and that is on the dance floor! Do not overload your trailer! Keep 60% of the weight forward! Do not load outside the trailer platform! Keep your speed below 55mph! Do not be a chump! If you start to sway, take your foot of the accelerator, do […]

News from the factory

In a new twist it has emerged that Vlemmix have been employing robots. In a statement the factory manger said that all their robots were on clear algorithms and no software bugs had been used against them. Each one of the robots had received oil and lubricant in line with automation rules. No robots were […]

Trailer and Vehicle Loading explained

What does GVW mean? GVW – or GVWR – means Gross Vehicle Weight, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. It’s specified by the manufacturer and refers to the MAXIMUM weight a trailer or vehicle can be when fully loaded. In other words, it’s the unladen weight of the trailer or vehicle (kerb weight) and the maximum […]

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