Looking to buy or rent a new trailer? Here’s our offer (sorry no wrapping included!)

* we need 5 days notice so please order by 17/12/2023 to collect on 23/12/2023

Get your hands on the BEST plant trailer

We all know there’s loads of trailers on the market today so how do you know that you’re choosing the best one for your business? All you need is a trailer that does the job, is easy to hitch up then load up and clean down when it’s had your busy plant loaded on.

Order before 30th December to lock in 2023 purchase and rental prices

Choose a trailer:

Browse our plant trailers and pay attention to both the payload and platform size to help determine which one is best for what you are moving. Browse NOW.

Book collection or delivery:

If you want to collect your trailer we’ll just need a few days notice, trailers are in stock we just like to get it ready according to your spec. Our trailers can be collected from our depot in Yorkshire or despatched within 3 to 7 working days.

Order You Trailer:

All you have to do to secure the 2023 price is to place your order; we have stock available if you want to put a bow around your trailer for Christmas or you can collect (or have delivered) in 2024.

Flatbeds for plant:

This price lock is for our M series which is for your plant equipment; ideal for transporting plant machinery, vehicles, and mechanical equipment. Available in 3m and 4m lengths, and 1.5m and 1.8m width options. M series trailers have a towable limit of either 2,700kg or 3,500kg, depending on configuration.

Secure Your 2023 Prices
Order Before Christmas

Everyone wants the best trailer for the best price. Well, you’re in luck landing here. Not only are our trailers superior quality compared to many on the road today and the craftsmanship is second to none.

Hitch one up before or after Christmas before our prices increase in 2024, there won’t be a January sale! There are financing options available too which you can read about here.

* we need 5 days notice so please order by 17/12/2023 to collect on 23/12/2023