Hire Purchase

Trailer Finance

HM-D Trailers provides access to asset financing, leasing, and staged payments.

Payment on your terms

HM-D Trailers provides trailer finance through our financing partner, Complete Leasing Solutions.

Instead of paying upfront for your trailer, you can spread the cost over months, and even years. The monthly payments are calculated based on the total invoice amount, the total length of time you wish to make the payments over, and whether you are an established business. Depending on your choices, financing can be available from as little as £105 a month excluding VAT.

Complete Leasing Solutions offer Trailer Finance, Asset Finance, Hire Purchase, and Staged Payments to both new and established Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships.

Please contact Complete Leasing Solutions using the form below:

If none of the above apply, select "Other" and add more details in the "Comment or Message" section of this form.
You may choose more than one type, if applicable to your purchase.
Simply add up the price of all the trailer(s) you wish to buy along with any accessories, and enter the total value above.
A copy of this from will be sent to HM-D Trailers and Complete Leasing Solutions (CLS).