wheels how to check them

A wheels safety should always be at the top of everyone’s list.

HM-D Trailers believe trailer safety can never be discussed too much. Due to the driver at hand being responsible for a large mobile object. Which if not responsibly looked after could cause serious harm. And become a serious hazard on the road to their safety and the public safety.

We will be discussing how to correctly and responsibly check the wheels of your trailer. So that you never get caught out and end up causing a hazard on the road.

It is extremely important that you always check your tyre treads. They must be inflated to the correct pounds per square inch or bar.

Another key focus is to check your wheel’s nuts. Making sure they are tightly fastened. Be sure to go over all 5 of them on each wheel for extra precaution.

The wheel’s nuts can be tightened using a tool called a torque wrench. This is accompanied by a 70-mill socket on the extension.

When tightening the nuts you want to look at the gauge on the wrench. Adjust it to 90 Newtons and from here tighten each nut to 90.

Following these steps will drastically help reduce any problems occurring when towing your trailer and minimise hazards happening.

To learn even more about checking your wheels, head on over to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide!s

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